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Capital H Staffing specialises in the recruitment and placement of outstanding professionals, in the areas of IT and Professional Services

As experienced IT professionals, Capital H offers first- hand knowledge, strategic industry insights, and a proven track record in the placement of specialist talent across diverse groups. We understand the unique, dynamic and fast-paced environment of the IT industry, and offer access to a database of exceptional talent.

Our focus and expertise is to source specialist skills not easily found, thereby assisting our clients in sourcing rare talent without ‘leaving their desks’! Our personal service and stringent screening process ensure that we present only the best CVs.

Our passion for people further ensures that both the client and the candidate’s needs are carefully considered when searching for that ‘perfect match’.

Whilst assisting our Clients in placing talent that grows their business, we also assist candidates to make decisions that grow their careers. It is our top priority to align the skills and career goals of our candidates with the role and cultural requirements of our Clients, helping both attract and retain quality IT talent.

With years’ of industry insights and experience in IT and Professional Services, our diverse and growing client base benefits from our ability to help them realise their staffing needs and organisational growth plans. Our timely, cost-effective solutions make us an invaluable extension to any organization, allowing our clients to focus on building their businesses

For specialist knowledge, prompt service, and reliable support, give Capital H a call.

Our focus areas include:

IT Specialists

  • IT Executives
  • Chief Information Officers
  • IT / Technical Managers
  • Network Engineers
  • System Architects
  • Support Staff (Desktop & Application)
  • Operations and Security Specialists
  • Service Delivery Experts

IT Professional Services

  • Project / Programme Managers
  • Project Administrators
  • Business / Systems / Process Analysts
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters / Agile Coaches
  • Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse
  • Developers / Programmers / Software Engineers
  • Software Tester / Quality Assurance
  • Business Development / Sales
  • Implementation Consultants
  • IT Auditors
  • IT Risk Managers